Concentric Campaigns is accepting new clients.

After another successful year of helping our clients with a variety of exciting projects and campaigns, Concentric Campaigns would like to announce we’re accepting new clients.

We offer outstanding Campaign Consulting & Management

  • Are you looking to launch a new marketing, product, or advocacy campaign?
  • Do you want to elevate your engagement with members, customers, or the public?
  • Are you seeking to identify your audience and measure/track the results of your outreach and engagement efforts?
  • Do you wish to host a tour or event to captivate an audience or produce publicity?

If it’s organizational or operational help that your project needs, we are here to help with our Organizational & Operational Consulting

  • Could your organization benefit from potential structural adaptations, growth, or restructuring to better meet your goals?
  • Do you wish to improve effectiveness and efficiency with your processes, projects, and/or programs?  We can help by studying every aspect of your organization and offering consultation via a well-researched & fresh prospective.
  • Are you looking to streamline and/or automate your processes or engagement efforts?  We can offer our expertise to consult on and implement new technology so you can work smarter, not harder.

Beyond our campaign consulting and management services, we have grown our Data Analytics & Optimization

 services in 2014 and look forward to assisting our clients with these services in 2015.

View our services page to learn about the variety of strategic services we offer to benefit your organization.

Contact us today to discuss your project and request a proposal.

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